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The Gaming Community and Online Events

January 25, 2021

The Gaming Community and Online Events

As we know, online spaces and content creation is everything. Some industries have capitalized on this more successfully than others, and event professionals can learn a lot from the gaming community and online events!

In this episode, host Reyna Caraveo and guest Valerie Gomez discuss the world of gaming. We’re talking about virtual and physical events, technology, its role as a part of the events industry, and the importance of community.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The growth of online gaming and importance of community – Event professionals always talk about engagement with the audience, building community, and keeping it interactive, yet many events (online and in-person) fail to do so. Why is the gaming community so successful?
  • Capitalizing on virtual events and online software – Event professionals were faced with a challenge in 2020 moving events online, but gamers were able to do so successfully with high-quality equipment and garner massive audiences via live stream technology, something event professionals still struggle to do.
  • Gaming and events have more in common than we think – sponsorships, virtual event technology, high-quality A/V equipment, professional graphic design and marketing, VO, b-roll, etc.

Links to things mentioned in the show:

About Our Guest:

Valerie Gomez is an Emmy-nominated video editor for KSAT 12, the ABC local news affiliate in San Antonio, Texas. She is also an avid gamer and has been watching online gaming content since 2005 and attending gaming conventions and tournaments since 2015.


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