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The Role of Voice Over in the Event Industry

February 24, 2021

The Role of Voice Over in the Event Industry

Do you know how the power of voice can impact your events? In this episode, host Reyna Caraveo and voice over artist Doug de Nance discuss the role of voice over in the event industry, how to best use voice for virtual events, and additional resources for event industry professionals to get started.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. The role VO plays in the event industry such as pre-event promotion and marketing, Emcee, Moderator, B-roll VO, sound bytes, buddy in the room, setting a brand voice, and more.
  2. The importance of VO and how to best use it for events, especially in a virtual environment.
  3. Additional resources for event planners and organizers.

About Our Guest:

Doug de Nance

Doug de Nance is an established voice artist, skybox announcer and on the floor host of live events across the globe – most notably for monster truck shows! His signature strength and vitality, from bold to intimate, ensures that when he speaks, it’s an event®.

With extensive live event, announcing, pre-lay and narration for clients worldwide, Doug’ work includes projects for: Red Bull Outliers, Esso Minor Hockey, SOCAN Awards, British Supercross, Sportsman Show, Rocking the Fields Music Festival, Groupe Spectacles and FMX World Tour.

Listen to Doug’s VoiceOver Demos and download Doug’s Event Voice Planner’s Checklist.


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