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The Importance of Mentorship in Events

June 23, 2021

The Importance of Mentorship in Events

What does it mean to be a mentor in the event industry? More importantly, what does it take? In this episode, host Reyna Caraveo and guest Janet Holliday, break down the importance of mentorship in events and the commitment it takes to be both a successful mentor and mentee in the event industry.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. What it means to be a good mentor with a willingness to learn and a commitment to teaching others.
  2. Why mentoring others through hands-on experience and professional guidance is most beneficial in the event industry.
  3. How event professionals can allow opportunities for young event planners or students to be mentored through internships, street teams, volunteer efforts, etc.

About Our Guest:

Over the last 31 years, there are few of San Antonio’s most prestigious projects and events that haven’t been touched by the expert hand of Janet Holliday. She has grown her company, The CE Group, to offer a depth of services such as event production, public relations, branding and design, charitable campaign development, destination management, team building, and social media strategy. Style, organizational skills, positive work ethic, and radical customer dedication are the foundation of the company culture, positioning The CE Group as a leader in the industry. As president and CEO, Janet is a highly sought-after expert in events and marketing, not only in Texas but throughout the country. You can stay up to date with the CE Group on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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