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Event Planning and the Creative Industry

October 2, 2019

Event Planning and the Creative Industry

How does the event planning industry crossover into the creative industry? Guest Mikenzie Ryan discusses the top 3 reasons event professionals consider themselves creatives.

Be Original and Unique

Mikenzie offers a dual perspective on how creativity and the event industry intertwine to create the best events for each client. Since she has worked both in the intimate setting of a wedding, and on the formal side of corporate events, she understands the level of creativity that each requires and is able to apply a personalized experience for both events.

For weddings, it’s about capturing the perfect wedding photo that is completely unique for the couple. When it comes to corporate events, the creativity flows strong with influences coming from the brand of the company and working with their own unique style. No matter the event, it is important to capture the essence of the client to create an unforgettable experience!

Problem Solve

Walking into an unknown situation can make anyone feel a flutter of butterflies rolling in their stomachs. Whether it’s working with a new vendor, or scouting out an unfamiliar venue before an event, vendors must be prepared for any problems they may encounter. Strategic thinking and considering all possible outcomes is essential skill for an event professional, while also having to remain creative in the production of an event.

Set Boundaries and Expectations

Setting boundaries and expectations is a crucial step between event planners, their clients and the vendors for an event. Communication is key in making sure that the shared experience is a positive one, and that any problems that arise, can be tackled together.

If a couple expects their music to set a certain tone for their wedding, then that expectation has to be set with that particular vendor. Understanding the limits a planner has can also help determine who is best suited for the event. For weddings, it is important to set realistic standards with clients on their dream day.

When it comes to corporate events, working within the limits of a schedule and a budget, can be the difference between a successful event or another event that took time out of many people’s busy schedules. Overall, understanding each talent involved in a project can be a world of difference in having a rewarding event experience.

Event Planning and the Creative Industry

Mikenzie is a wedding and portrait photographer with an all-female team, The Copper Collective. She specializes in photographing weddings and loves creative branding sessions for local businesses in the Texas Hill Country.

Besides being a full-time creative entrepreneur, Mikenzie is a mom to Atlas Jade (Attie), a sweet toddler that has a wild head of hair and a love for all animals. Mikenzie and her family live in New Braunfels Texas, love to travel and be emerged in new cultures, and enjoy watching reruns of The Office!

Find Mikenzie on Instagram @copper.collective_ @shay.studios and @mikenzieryan

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