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Everyone Wants To Be An Event Planner

December 4, 2019

When we’re in social settings, and mention that we manage and plan events, we are usually met with questions like “How did you get into that,” to “It looks like so much fun, how can I do that too?” In this episode of The Event Umbrella Podcast host Reyna Caraveo discusses why everyone wants to be an event planner, how event and party planning is seen as something anyone can do, and the difference between being a professional.

Everyone Wants to Be an Event Planner

Have you ever planned a friend’s baby shower, or possibly your own wedding before and thought, “this might be something I want to pursue?” Reyna expresses how she loves getting to talk with people at this stage of their journey into becoming an event planner. It’s the stage where someone is usually still high on the excitement of an incredible event and is hungry for more.

Many times we hear that if someone is organized and they know how to decorate, they can be an event planner. While those are just the basic attributes, wearing the hat of Event Planner comes with a lot more responsibilities and skills.

From going to school for event management and hospitality, or gaining your own event experience, making a career as an event planner is achievable and yet not always talked about as an option. Always be sure to do your industry research, gain as much experience as possible, and learn what it takes to become an event professional.

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