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You Need to Hear This. Stop Micromanaging

November 13, 2019

Today we’re digging into everyone’s favorite subject, micromanaging in the events industry. Did we make you cringe just by reading the word? We get it. It’s not something we love to hear. However, it’s something that tends to happen quite a bit in the events industry, and in true “keeping it real” fashion, host Reyna Caraveo shares what event professionals and clients need to hear.

We’ve seen it with clients micromanaging event professionals and even the other way around. If you’ve ever been micromanaged, you’re probably reliving all of those feelings just hearing the word. The feeling that someone is watching your every move, on you about every little detail, and not trusting that you can succeed in the tasks you’re working on.

Micromanaging in the Events Industry

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why productivity rates go down when you’re micromanaged
  • Who gets micromanaged the most in the industry
  • The difference between constructive criticism and micromanaging

It can be so hard to want to let go of control when you’re hosting an event, or even if you’re playing a role in producing it, but the key to a successful event is to let everyone shine in what their expertise is. If you’re finding yourself struggling with micromanaging in the events industry, just remember that you hired professionals for a reason. They want to serve you and show up the best they can and they’re able to do that successfully when they have more control over their responsibilities.

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