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One Event – Three Different Perspectives

February 26, 2020

Every person’s experience at an event is always different. In this episode, Host Reyna Caraveo discusses the three different perspectives at an event including the Planner, Vendors, and Attendees.

Planner’s Perspective

One of the challenges of being responsible for an entire event from beginning to end, is actually knowing it all. Knowing every detail, as a planner, requires excellent communication to all parties involved to ensure a smoothly executed event. Especially when there are last minute changes on site. Planners should always be aware of their surroundings, current event flow, and stay one step ahead of the program.

Vendors’ Perspective

Each vendor also plays a different role as a part of the event. As an example, next to the planner and coordinators, the A/V team is the one who know the most of what’s going on throughout the event. Since they are running audio, mics, music, screens and visuals, they have to know all of the cues and what’s happening during the run of show.

Other vendors do not have that luxury, as some of them are only there for certain pieces throughout the evening. Some vendors will arrive, setup, and leave and do not stay for the event. Others will only have one aspect, such as a photo booth and see all the attendee traffic, and get to enjoy the event.

Attendees’ Perspective

This is the most important audience! Attendees are supposed to have the best experience possible from arriving at the event, during, and leaving. They get the instant impact and are the first group of people to see the unveiling of the event. Customer service is key with this group, and they should never be aware of what happening behind the scenes.

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