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August 24, 2018

What Every Event Planner Should Have in Their Emergency Kit

Have you ever wondered what every event planner should have in their emergency kit? Sometimes the smallest things are often the most useful, and the most forgotten. Event planners usually carry an emergency kit full of small essential items that clients normally forget but could save the day from a major malfunction. In preparing our emergency kits we always pack a first aid kit, office supplies, and hygiene items, but we also have many different of pins. Here is a list of types of pins, their uses, why they should have them in their emergency kit. 

What Every Event Planner Should Have in Their Emergency Kit

Safety Pins

Safety pins are one of the most essential and versatile items. They can be used for wardrobe malfunctions, hold things together, first aid, and more. A few other things they can do – replace buttons, fix a broken zipper, and hide bra straps. The possibilities are endless with safety pins.

Bobby Pins

The most well-known use for bobby pins is to fix any hair mishaps. Most brides use at least a few bobby pins, either for an intricate updo or to hold up the veil. Some other things bobby pins can do is assist in sewing, hold together jewelry, clothing, and even décor.

Sewing Pins

Sewing pins can help with almost all clothing mishaps. All emergency kits should come with a small sewing kit that includes thread, buttons, and most importantly a sewing pin/needle. Sewing pins are great for fixing snags, rips, holes in clothing and reattaching buttons.

Boutonniere Pins

These types of pins are often used to attach the boutonniere to a man’s suit. It’s important to keep some of these as a backup because the boutonnieres might not come with a pin and can easily get lost.

Take the time to go though your event day emergency kit and consider adding these cautionary items to your inventory.

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