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Event Day Attire for Event Vendors

August 25, 2018

Event days are extremely important for not only the client, but also for the planner. The client has been anticipating this day and so have we. Everything has been planned, prepped and ready for the big day. Your bags are packed, emergency kits assembled, and the timeline has been memorized, but wait… what are you going to wear? You will be managing this event from set up to tear down, and the clients and guests will be watching. Its important that you look presentable and professional, but also comfortable.

Here are our tips for wearing comfortable and practical event day attire for event vendors to an event that will make you look and feel good all day long! Also applicable for wedding party members, guests, and other event vendors working those long, hard days.

Event Day Attire for Event Vendors

Hair and Face

  • Hair is something that is very noticeable, so it’s important to keep it groomed and well kept.

  • For and indoor formal event, you could either curl, straighten or put your hair into a simple updo. If the event is outside, you could put your hair in a neat ponytail or bun and make sure to take a brush, hair ties, and hair products.

  • Makeup should be simple and presentable. Invest in long wear, high quality makeup products to ensure your makeup stays together throughout the day. Take a few makeup items for touch ups such as concealer, lip stick or gloss, powder, mascara, and setting spray.


  • If you have a shirt with your company logo – wear it! If you don’t have a shirt with your logo on it, wear a versatile top that fits well, doesn’t draw attention, and is a subtle color preferably black or neutrals.

  • If you have a name tag, make sure to wear it the entire day.

  • Long pants are the best choice for bottoms. They should fit well, be comfortable, and weather appropriate – try to avoid denim. Betabrand is a great option for professional looking, comfortable pants.

  • Skirts are also acceptable at an appropriate length and material.

  • For formal events, we suggest wearing a modest black dress, or nice black top and skirt/slacks. For casual or outside events, leggings or shorts may be acceptable.

  • During set up and tear down, it is acceptable to wear athletic clothes and tennis shoes, but be sure take a change of clothing for the event itself.

  • As for undergarments, you’ll want wear a comfortable and supportive bra, shape wear if desired, and comfortable underwear.

Outfit options for event professionals


  • Shoes may be the most important piece of clothing you’ll wear on an event day because you will be on your feet for many hours. It is critical to select a type of shoe depending on what you feel most comfortable in. Keep in mind the type of venue and ground conditions.

  • Some people may find wedges the best shoe to wear, while others would prefer flats. Take cushion insoles and extra socks if necessary.

  • Make sure the shoe you choose to wear looks new or gently used, and not worn.

  • If the event is outside, it is appropriate to wear closed toe, slip on tennis shoes or a supportive shoe.

  • If the event is inside wear either flats, wedges, or a small heel.

  • Remember to bring a change of shoes for set up/ tear down and the event.

Additional Items

  • Jewelry should be simple, professional, and not too distracting. For formal events statement pieces are acceptable in moderation.

  • Make sure you have a watch on, or a place to keep your phone handy.

  • For an outdoor event, take sunglasses and sunscreen if needed.

  • Pack a light jacket, cardigan or blazer just in case.

  • Purses are a personal preference, but make sure it has straps and is a medium – large sized bag.

  • It’s important to pack some essentials in your purse such as deodorant, a sewing kit, tampons and pain reliever.

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