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Types of Design Used in the Events Industry

August 26, 2018

When thinking about planning an event, your first thoughts may be: “Where will it be? What type of food? How many guests? and How will it look?” After brainstorming and discussing visual aspects, creating sketches/layouts, and finalizing the setup, the results are usually due to several different types of design. Design plays a very significant role in event planning in different ways such as décor, venue layout, stationery, and more. Here are a few types of design used in the events industry.

Types of Design Used in the Events Industry

Fashion Design

Fashion design is seen in various events such as social parties, weddings and corporate events. For example, a wedding party’s attire including groom’s suits, bridal dresses and accessories. Fashion design also plays a role in guest attire, such as a corporate gala which is typically more formal wear, or a themed reception and mixer.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is present in many aspects of events since it is a visual form of communication. Stationery such as invitations, programs, place cards, event signage, and presentations or slideshows played at an event are all a part graphic design that adds a unique element to an event. Hand lettering, calligraphy, and painting are all popular design choices for weddings and events.

Interior Design

Interior design is used when creating the layout for an event and making sure it’s not only appealing, but functional. The placement of tables, chairs, stages, food and drink areas are important at any event to ensure guest enjoyment and convenience. Interior design is also attributed to décor including lighting, drapery, linens, centerpieces and how they contribute to the overall aesthetic of the event.

Event Design

Event design ties together all these types of designs to produce the overall look of an event. Designing an event, whether a wedding, social or corporate is a production, and much more than just matching tablecloths and centerpieces. This type of design deals with all the creative aspects of an event, and being able to execute that vision logistically and holistically.

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