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Different Event Planning Job Titles and What They Mean

September 17, 2019

Different Event Planning Job Titles and What They Mean

Have you ever thought about the different event planning job titles and what they mean? Believe it or not there’s a lot that goes into putting together a fabulous event. In this post we’re breaking down what those different roles are, and how they play a part in the finished product – an event your attendees will talk about for years to come!

Different Event Planning Job Titles and What They Mean

Event Planner – Event Planner is used as a universal term in the events industry to refer to all different kinds of event planning titles. It is understood that an event planner is somebody who, obviously, plans events. That can be any kind of event. As long as they are the primary person in charge, or responsible for planning the logistics of the event, they’re considered the Event Planner. 

Event Coordinator – In the industry, the term Event Coordinator is usually used in an entry level position for somebody that doesn’t have that many years of experience yet, but is getting involved early on in the event planning industry. Event Coordinator means you may be coordinating smaller tasks such as calling, emailing, and/or coordinating with the vendors and possibly even working with the venues. If you’re an Event Coordinator you’re not managing a full-scale event. You’re still learning the ropes. You may be working on basic timelines and floorplans. Event Coordinators coordinate different logistical pieces that are usually assigned to you by a manager. The most common role of coordinator is day of coordination for weddings. That means a wedding coordinator will come in about 4-6 weeks before your wedding. In this case normally the bride has planned the full wedding herself. The coordinator would come in just to make sure everything runs smooth the day of the event. 

Event Producer – An Event Producer is somebody who is producing more of a full-scale event. They have a little bit more experience under their belt. They’re tasked with more logistics than a coordinator would be and they’re actually working with different vendors to book and coordinate with the vendors. They handle the different timeline schedules including set-ups, teardowns, etc. They’re producing an event from a design perspective. It can be helping with lighting, layouts and floor plans, and set-ups for tables, chairs, etc. So, when someone says they’re an Event Producer, that’s also a common term in the industry on the corporate event planning side. Usually you have producers for corporate events and they’re responsible for the majority of the logistics for the event. 

Different Event Planning Job Titles and What They Mean

Event Manager – An Event Manager is somebody who manages the logistics of the event. A manager can be in charge of an Event Producer or an Event Coordinator. Again, these are the different levels of hierarchy when it comes to planning an event. Event Manager is one of the more higher tier event planning titles. A Manager has many years of experience. They were most likely an Event Coordinator or Event Producer in the past, and now they’re managing the logistics of the event. They’re making sure that everything runs smoothly. They’re primarily responsible for communications with the vendors. They’re not necessarily responsible for booking the vendors and coordinating their schedules, but more so confirming them and making sure that everything is in place for budgets and set-up on an event site. An Event Manager is the overseer of the event that the Event Producer and Event Coordinator have worked on to book vendors, create timelines, layouts, and run of show.

Event Director – Event Director is the highest tier in the event planning industry. This is more commonly used on the corporate side of event planning. A lot of social events don’t necessarily have an Event Producer, Manager, or Director. However, an Event Director is responsible for the other 4 different job titles. They would be in charge of the Coordinator, Producer, Manager and Assistant Planner. The Event Director is someone who is most likely in charge of an event firm or event agency. They are the prime communicator for stakeholders, sponsors, exhibitors, and vendors. They have a lot of clout with people in their market. They are the ones who end up transferring over information. Say, they know somebody in the industry who wants to be a huge sponsor for a fundraising event. They are the ones who have those initial conversations, cultivate the event sponsors, and then hand off that information to the Manager, Producer, or Coordinator to make sure that it’s taken care of for budgets, invoicing, and logistical coordination. 

Event Designer/Event Stylist – This one is kind of a bonus title. An Event Designer can fall under any of the categories. You can be a Manager and a Designer, a Producer and a Designer, etc. An Event Designer is somebody who manages the overall aesthetic, or the look, of the event. A Designer is responsible for lighting design, floorplan set-up, what the decor will look like, draping, dance floors, entertainment, live music, whatever it is that the event is bringing in as vendors aesthetically. This can be a backdrop, a photobooth, etc. They make sure everything looks cohesive. Designers are also the ones usually creating mood boards too. An Event Designer or Event Stylist is responsible for tying the overall look of your event including linens, florals, lighting, etc. 

As you can see, it takes many hands and different event planning jobs to put together an incredible event! While some events may only take one or two of these, others may take all of them. It all depends on what experience you’re wanting your event to convey.

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