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Accessories for Event Planners

August 24, 2018

Event planners have a lot to keep track of on event days including the run of show, vendors, client and guest experience, and other moving parts. It’s important to bring certain accessories that will be beneficial and practical throughout the entire day to help things go smoothly. These accessories for event planners will help planners communicate with their teams and vendors, and make sure the event is running according to schedule. Here is a list of accessories/ items that will keep you happy, healthy, and comfortable during any event.

Accessories for Event Planners

Walkie Talkies

Allows you to keep in contact with team members and vendors while being in various locations. There are also push to talk apps available that teams can use from their mobile phones to stay in communication.


Collapsible wagons are convenient to help transport items and keep all your personal items in one place. Storage bins can also help keep items organized, and some even come on wheels.


Easy to carry around and to keep a physical copy of the event timeline, contracts, floor plans, and other important documents. There are many different options for clipboards such as padfolios with pockets for more storage if needed.

Name Tags

Important for vendors, clients, and guests to identify you and communicate with you and your team. There are various types available and can be customized to your preferences and budget.

Smart Watch

Keeps track of time and can keep you updated on incoming messages or calls without using your cellphone.

Sunglasses & Sunscreen

For skin protection at outdoor events (bring a hat if it’s acceptable)

Crossbody Bag or Backpack

Holds all your essential items without getting in the way.

Portable Phone Charger

Will keep your phone charged throughout the day, and you don’t have to worry about your phone dying in the middle of an event. External battery cases are also a great option!

Reusable Water Bottle or Hydrating Pack

This will keep you hydrated all day long and is especially important for outdoor events.

Personal Makeup Bag/Emergency Kit

Includes personal make up (for touch ups), pads/tampons, ibuprofen, stain remover, band aids, etc.

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  1. Adam Axford says:

    Very nice post. I really love this article, it include all that an event planner needed. Thanks for this information.

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