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What’s Really in Your Event Emergency Kit?

February 12, 2020

What's Really in Your Event Emergency Kit

It’s no surprise that something will usually get forgotten the day of your big event. With the excitement of the big day finally arriving, people are likely to forget things. There’s no better way to save the day and restore everything back on schedule, than coming prepared with your own event emergency kit.

In this episode host of The Event Umbrella Podcast, Reyna Caraveo, is sitting down with Jasmine Warner of Better Than Perfect Planning to share what’s really in their event emergency kits.

After several years in the event planning industry, these girls have it down to a science. From knowing what items to include and how often to check that it’s all still there, they’re prepared for anything to happen.

If you’re second-guessing if you should pack it in your event emergency kit, you might just want to go ahead and throw it in there just to be safe. When you’ve been in the events industry long enough, you see it all-couples forgetting cake serving ware at their wedding, DJ vendors forgetting extension cords, you name it, we’ve seen it.

We’re sharing everything from exactly what our event emergency kit items actually are, to what we keep them in that keeps everything organized and easy to navigate through on event day.

Follow Jasmine Warner on Instagram. Jasmine is the owner of Better Than Perfect Planning, a coordination and full-service planning company for weddings and events. When she’s not planning, she’s adventuring with her hubby, playing with her corgi, and helping others organize their homes. 

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