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Holiday Party Tips

December 18, 2019

Holiday Party Tips

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s party season! In this episode of The Event Umbrella Podcast, host Reyna Caraveo shares her top 3 most underrated holiday party tips. These tips look past the typical “what decor to get” or “the best tips for decorating” and look more at the heart of the season, and how we can all best embrace it in the midst of our celebrations.

Have you ever found yourself after a party surrounded with leftover food, decor, party favors, etc? Whether it’s a birthday party or a get-together, you’re likely going to be left with a lot. Instead of just tossing all the leftovers you’ve already spent money on, Reyna shares the best thing to do with all of these leftovers.

One thing we have to offer others around the holiday season that doesn’t cost a dime is our time. The holidays usually bring a lot of internal pressure to impress others, and have everything perfect to host their loved ones. Reyna shares her thoughts on offering up our time as an important element that needs to be in our schedules, and the different ways we can offer our time to make differences in the lives of others this holiday season.

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