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The Day I Learned That Anything Can Happen When Planning a Wedding

December 23, 2019

Anything can happen when planning a wedding

The day I learned anything can happen while planning a wedding started with friendship with a former coworker. I would have never guessed that he would reach out asking if I would consider being their wedding planner. Getting to plan events, especially weddings, for people you already know makes it all the more special when the big day arrives!

After meeting for an initial consultation, I met up with Andrew and his fiance Adriana. We immediately hit it off, and my excitement for planning their most perfect day grew.

While it’s always nice to grow your client list, making sure you’re a right match for each other is my main priority. I already had a good feeling about them I wanted to make sure that they felt the same. After a couple of more meet-ups, and really getting to know them more as a couple, we both decided this was something we wanted to commit to. We moved on to the official process of planning their wedding.

I had the joy of getting to work with Adriana for about a year leading up to the big day. They had decided to go with our parital-planning service, which meant that she was a semi-DIY style bride. There were several elements she wanted to incorporate herself, but needed help to stay on budget, recommend vendors and keeping the design elements cohesive.

After months and months of planning, with several silly DM’s back and forth on Instagram, Adriana and I grew to be really close friends. While I was already friends with Andrew, getting to gain another incredible friend through this process made this so much more of a joy to work with them!

The Day I Learned That Anything Can Happen When Planning a Wedding

Being in May in Central Texas, you never know what the weather will bring. In this area you’re likely for it to be super hot or rain. The unpredictable weather adds a challenge to planning events. Not new to these kinds of turn of events, I had been checking the weather for weeks leading up to the big day. The forecast was not great for this planned outdoor ceremony.

I checked the day before, hoping the weather would clear, and instead it showed thunderstorms coming our way. While we had a contingency plan to be able to move it inside if we needed to, I always want to be able to give the bride the outdoor wedding of her dreams.

The day of we decided to wait as long as we could to make the final call if the ceremony would be inside or outside. At this moment the girls were in the bridal suite getting ready, and my eyes are glued to the weather radar on my phone. I’m watching minute-by-minute trying to figure out where this storm is going to go. The predictions lead on to show that the storm would last for only an hour, and then clear up just in time for the ceremony to start. As the bridal party is anxious to hear our final call, the vendors and my staff and I look out the window as the rain starts to pour.

Our sweet bride at this moment, is getting her make-up done, has no clue this is happening and we’re trying to decide what to do next. At this point, the venue manager suggests that I go talk to the bride to make the final decision.

The Day I Learned That Anything Can Happen When Planning a Wedding

I rushed to the bride’s room eager to hear her final call, and she greets me with a slight bit of worry in her voice. “I hear it’s raining.”

I replied, “Yes, but it will be gone in an hour.” This is the moment in the day I learned that anything can happen when planning a wedding!

She looked back at me with hope in her eyes and determined she replied, “okay, then we’re doing it outside.”

I loved her boldness and confidence in this moment and said, “Let’s do it!”

I came back with the good news to the crew of vendors, and they were all on board to bring this couple’s dream to life.

Only a few short moments later, the skies looked picture perfect. We rushed to dry everything off, and prepare the space for the beautiful outdoor ceremony we had been planning for months with two hours to spare before the start time.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, and it was even more cherished knowing that it could have very easily gone with a plan B approach.

Adriana and Andrew wanted an intimate wedding filled with only their closest family members and friends. The connection in the reception room was vibrant as hilarious toasts were given, and the dance floor was brought to life with music and dancing.

One of the best parts about building connections with the people you’re planning an event for is that you truly feel a part of their world. There were several times I found myself emotional and overjoyed for them to start their lives together as husband and wife.

Before their beautiful sparkler exit, the bride and groom had a special private dance. My heart melted during the last dance of the night as I saw how much this day meant to them and what it symbolized moving forward.

The biggest lesson I took from planning out this event is that anything can happen, and while it’s great to be prepared with backup plans, sometimes the most perfect plan can pan out just as you all had imagined all along.

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