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The Challenges of Building A Team

April 28, 2020

A strong team is the foundation for successful business and especially events. In this episode, host Reyna Caraveo discusses the challenges of building a team in the event industry.

The Challenges of Building A Team

  1. Time Investment – Training and vetting experienced candidates for events is crucial to building a successful team. From Day of Coordinators to Marketing Strategists, qualified individuals will largely help build the success of your clients’ events. Also consider hiring interns to mentor and gain experience in the industry.
  2. Losing Team Members – One of the challenges of building a team is actually the potential of losing team members. Unfortunately, the event industry takes a specific type of personality to endure, and that opens up the risk of losing less-passionate team members. Also during times of economic downturn, events are one of the first areas affected that could lead to staff cuts.
  3. Sustaining A Team – In the event industry there are short term and long term teams. Sustaining team members for either term is a challenge with a fast paced and ever-changing industry.

In this special round table discussion Host Reyna Caraveo, and guests Lisa Hickey and Autumn Rich of Panacea Collective, discuss the comeback and how events will change for the better.

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