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The Comeback – How Events Will Change

April 15, 2020

THE COMEBACK – Five Ways We See COVID-19 Changing Events For The Better

The feeling of uncertainty is weighing heavy on everyone during this time. In a special round table discussion Host Reyna Caraveo, and guests Lisa Hickey and Autumn Rich of Panacea Collective, discuss the comeback and how events will change for the better.

Here are Five Changes We Expect to See:

  1. Increased number of localized, community events
  2. More meaningful event experiences
  3. More virtual options
  4. Incredible innovation
  5. More social and corporate responsibility

Events, community, and gatherings are a part of humanity and social culture. We will come back stronger after this, and should use this time wisely to innovate and be prepared to take on events with a new approach. We’re not sure when that will be, but when it comes, we will be ready for the comeback and how events will change.

Links to things mentioned in the episode:

Read more about our guests Lisa Hickey and Autumn Rich
View the original blog article over on Panacea Collective’s website.

Listen to this episode to learn how event professionals can support each other during this time.

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