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Types of Design Used in the Events Industry

January 29, 2020

Types of Design Used in the Events Industry

Have you ever noticed how different design elements come into play at events? From the decor to the event space to the overall look and feel, design plays a huge role in the experience an attendee will have. In this episode we’re sharing some of the insider secrets behind how design really comes into play and why it’s so important. Your host of The Event Umbrella Podcast and event design expert Reyna Caraveo discusses the different types of design and how they’re used in the events industry.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How fashion design and the beauty industry are an important piece of an event.
  • How graphic design plays a role in events from invitations to signage.
  • Why interior design and decor are a crucial element to the overall event aesthetic.
  • Defining event design and how it incorporates multiple industries into one production value.

Read more about this topic in this blog post! We break down the 3 important designs used in the events industry including Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Interior Design.

Do you love a good theme event? Checkout this podcast episode, A Guide to Themed Events, for more info on creating a great event with a theme!

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