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A Guide to Themed Events

January 22, 2020

A Guide to Themed Events with Vanessa Vass

From different cultures to celebrating a full-blown decade we’ve seen it all and we’re here for it. We’re talking all about themed events. In the over ten years that guest Vanessa Vass has been in the events industry she’s been a part of every kind of themed event you can think of. In this episode Vanessa and host Reyna Caraveo are giving you a guide to themed events.

If it’s done right, themed events can completely transform a space and allow their guests to walk into a whole new world. In this interview we open up the conversation around what’s most important when it comes to throwing themed events.

There’s a fine line between corny and transforming with themed events and we’re here to lay it out for you.

In this guide to themed events we break down:

  • Themed parties in the “New Year” such as decades parties which will be very popular in 2020
  • How to have a successful themed party that’s not “cliché” or “kitschy”
  • Things to consider when hosting a themed party like: sticking to the proper theme, food, décor, etc.

Links to What We Talked About in the Show:

One World Theater Non-Profit

About Our Guest

Vanessa Vass has been in the event industry for over 8 years and loves making event dreams come true! She has been the Catering Sales Director at Root Cellar Catering Co. since April 2016 and has enjoyed every minute of it. As a Texas State University Alumni, Root Cellar Cafe was always on the calendar for every Sunday Morning Brunch and when they asked her to join the team it was the easiest decision she ever made. She is a part of event organizations such as ILEA, NACE, and The Rising Tide Society. Lastly, she is a huge nerd and routinely plays dungeons and dragons as well as video games in her spare time. 

Want more of Vanessa? Check her out and Root Cellar Catering on Instagram!

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