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Weddings vs. Corporate Events

October 31, 2019

The Top Differences between weddings and corporate events

Maybe you’re just getting into the event planning industry, and are quickly starting to learn the differences between each kind of event. While there are several things in common with weddings and corporate events, we wanted to flip the script and share what’s different. In this episode Founder of Touch of Whimsy Events, Kelsea Vaughan, and host Reyna Caraveo are digging into the top differences between weddings and corporate events and why they differ in the first place. Let’s get started with weddings vs corporate events.

While you may know the obvious differences, we’re talking about the differences that most people don’t know or talk about.

Weddings vs. Corporate Events

In this episode:

  • Purpose of the Event
  • Fiscal vs. Personal Budgets
  • Consultations vs. Planning Meetings
  • Firm vs Strict Timelines
  • Building Trust with Clients
  • How to Build Your Client Base

Whether you’re looking to join the wedding planning industry, or the corporate side of event planning, listen to this episode for professional insight.

Kelsea graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Event Management. She launched Touch of Whimsy in 2015 and offers wedding planning and floral services.

Follow Kelsea on Instagram and download the budget analysis guide on her website here!

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