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We’re Not Just Event Planners Anymore

November 11, 2020

We’re all familiar with the standard job titles such as planner or coordinator, but how can you set yourself apart? In this week’s episode, host Reyna Caraveo discusses unique job titles for event professionals, how to get creative and why we’re not just event planners anymore.

Many job titles have surfaced over the last few years and especially the last few months within the events industry. Event professionals are gravitating toward more specialized job titles as the industry becomes more niche and specific to what an individual’s expertise and job duties are. An example of this is Digital Event Strategist and Event Technologist. These two titles clearly get the point across of the job function within the virtual event space of the industry. PCMA also offers a certification course to become a Digital Event Strategist which is a high-level accolade to showcase your expertise in this specific field.

Others such as Event Experience Manager, Experience Concept Specialist, or Event Opportunity Creator all focus on the experience aspect of event planning which is hugely important. These titles showcase that someone in this position is a seasoned expert in creating valuable experiences for event guests with a high success rate and careful attention to detail. Other creative names play on acronyms such as VIP (Very Impressive Production Coordinator) or CEO (Creative Experiences Organizer).

The freedom of owning a business comes with having the ability to create many different titles for your team and employees that are specific to your business branding, mission, and goals. It also relays your creativity to clients and the general public of what it is you actually do. For those who are hiring or rebranding, implementing new and unique job titles for your staff would be an important consideration to set you apart from the generalized standard event industry titles of Coordinator, Planner, Manager, etc. Different and niche titles also attract your ideal candidates with the specialized expertise you’re looking for.

For small teams, having each staff member with a different title is also a testament to their strengths as event professionals, and helps diversify your company within the industry. With so many options out there, why not take the opportunity to say we’re not just event planners anymore.

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