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Why I Miss Live Events

May 28, 2020

Why I Miss Live Events

Let’s be real! Live events are a prime catalyst for driving connections, building relationships, and basic human interaction. In this episode, host Reyna Caraveo discusses the main reasons she misses planning events.

In this episode:

  • One of the negative, but important parts, about the cancellation or postponement of live events is having to be the bearer of bad news. It is important to know that event professionals can’t save everything. It is understandable for an event to be cancelled due to outside forces, and planners or vendors cannot predict when it will be safe for events to come back. True, it’s better to share good news, but as long as you are are honest and keep looking forward to planning alternative or postponed events, then you have done your part as a professional. Listen to this episode about breaking the bad news to your clients.
  • Normally, we’re used to jam packed event seasons, so it is difficult to come to a complete halt compared to the regular hustle and bustle of live event season. While there is work to do for future events and virtual events, one of the reasons why i miss live events is the connections and socializing in-person. I cannot wait to continue working together with other professionals in the industry.

As there is a current down turn for in-person events, now is the time to prepare for when events come back. Check out this episode for event professional resources and your role during a global crisis.

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